The active participation in prior webinars is necessary for all students who want to receive ECTS credits. If you are not free on the day of the webinar, you can access the recorded sessions.
The webinars are free for all participants of the esss and we recommend all participants to attend.

Adriana Filip
Senior Manager, Customer Success Consulting, Clarivate

Web of Science and InCites – a bibliometric method for measuring, developing, and supporting your research impact

In today’s globally competitive research environment, leaders across academia, government and industry are faced with difficult decisions. What are the most promising research areas to fund? Who is the right talent to advance our organizational goals? With whom should we partner? As research data is booming, the opportunity to uncover meaningful linkages – between past and current research, collaborations, funding and research impact – is huge, as it becomes even more critical to start with the right data. Join our expert to learn about Clarivate’s resources enabling in-depth research and bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature.

Jürgen Wastl
Director Academic Relations and Consultancy, Digital Science

Wednesday 28th of August, 14.00-14.30 CET

Altmetric and Dimensions, giving you a greater view and understanding of published research!

The Altmetric Explorer is an intuitive platform that enables you to monitor the online active surrounding academic research. Using Dimensions as well, you will be able to drill down to see what grants and patents have generated published work, as well as seeing how researchers are connected.

As an attendee of ESSS, you will be able to use both the full Altmetric and Dimensions databases, to be able to track work from Universities, Funders and Publishers.

Some of the things you can achieve by using these systems include:

  1. Analyse the citation corpus

  2. Track influence as it happens

  3. Ensure effective reputation management

  4. Support your researchers

  5. Inform strategic decision making

  6. Report on outcomes and trends

  7. Improve grant application success

You can use both the Explorer and Dimensions to run reports and analyse attention on research that matters to you, you can do this by creating custom shareable reports, exporting your saved searches to CSV files to create additional graphs, using the API to do more in-depth reporting as needed.

You will receive access to the Altmetric Explorer and Dimensions soon, which will give you access for the length of the Summer School.

Angelisa Picciolo
Solutions Sales Manager & Customer Consultant, Elsevier

Sebastiano Rossitto
Senior Customer Consultant, Elsevier

Scopus: The next generation abstract and indexing database

You may be familiar with Scopus, or not so much yet. In any case, we will drive you through Scopus and its last developments in order for you to take advantage of the data and features at your disposal, in the context of your missions, would it be related to funding related activities or policy related activities.
This includes:
– remain up-to-date upon the most recent literature in a given research field and organize alerts
– identify researchers in a field and check their output and impact in multiple dimensions
– discover the breadth of metadata types available, including funding information

The European Summer School for Scientometrics will promote best practices in the application of the results of quantitative studies of science and technology. For the future of our field high quality education and training is of crucial importance.
I am convinced that the esss will contribute successfully to this mission.

— Prof. Ton van Raan, Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) Leiden University

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